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Feni District

Feni District


Historical, archeological, natural, religious and cultural spots

01. Shamser Gazir Kalla (fort)

This Kalla is located 1.5 kilometers on the east from Champaknagar which is located on the road that leads to Ramgar from Feni town. The local villagers identify the top of a hill as south-east corner of the extended Kalla (fort). Near it there lies a hill in which there is a 30 meter-long tunnel and at the foot of the hill there are three Dighis. According to the prevalent hearsay, Shamser Gazi was a landlord and a friend/ally to Tripura state. In the eighteenth century a battle between Tripura and British armed forces took place. Shamser Gazi fought for Tripua against the English forces and sacrificed his life in the battle.

02. Chandgazi Bhuiyan Mosque

The oldest pucca mosque of Feni area is about three hundred years old. The tourists who are inquisitive in history flock there to see the mosque. The government of Bangladesh declared this mosque as archeological property on October 1, 1987.

         03. Raja-jhir Dighi

This Dighi is located at the zero point of Feni Town. Hearsay goes that this Dighi was excavated about 5/7 hundred years ago in order to cure the blindness of a daughter of an influential Raja of Tripura Maharajya, and this Dighi was named as Raja-jhi Dighi. Locally a daughter is called ‘Jhi’ Feni Subdivision was established in 1875 and its headquarters were set up on the bank of the Raja-jhi Dighi. Total area of this Dighi is 10.32 acres and it is a historical and tourist spot in Feni.

 04. Bijoy Shingho Dighi

This Dighi is located jut opposite to the Feni Circuit House, and one bank of the Dighi is considerably high. Many gregarious trees (the Dulbergia sisoos) are on the high bank of the Dighi. On the other hand, there is an assemblage of Karoi-trees. This Bijoy Shingho Dighi is the lasting/ immortal achievement of Bijoy Sen, the famous founder of Sen Dynasty in Bengal. Raja Bijoy Sen excavated the Dighi to pass his leisure. This Dighi is located, before Feni Circuit house, at Bijoy Sing village about 2 kilometers on the west side of Feni town. Its area is 37.57 acres. This Dighi lies in the lovely surroundings and the four banks of the Dighi are very high and well decorated/ bedecked with trees.

05. Sonagazi Muhuri Sech Prokalpa

Sonagazi Muhuri Sech Prokalpa is the second biggest Sech Prokalpa in the country. The implementation work began during the financial year 1977-1978 and completed during the financial year 1985-1986. Centering on the Muhuri Sech Prokalpa, recreation and picnic spots have developed. About 50 species of birds are seen here.

06. Silwar Prachin Murti (ancient statue)

The remains of the statue that was made of sand stone is located on the plain mound in the village Silwa 13 kilometers on the south from Feni town.

07. Sharshadi Gramer Prachin  Masjid (ancient mosque)

This ancient mosque of the time of Sultan is in the village Sharshadi of Feni district.

08. Pagla Miaher Mazar (Tom of Pagla Miah)

The real name of Darbash Pagla Miah is Amir  Uddin ( R). Every year on first Thursday of Bengali month of Falgun oros is held

09. Shaluar Shil Pathar

The remains of ancient historical Shila Murti (statue) are still present in Shilua village under Chhagalnaiya Upazila.

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