Dighi (large pond) of Kamala Rani – Tourism Info

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Dighi (large pond) of Kamala Rani

Kamala Rani’s Dighi (large pond) is located at Baniachang village. The other name of the Pond is ‘Sagar Dighi’ which literally means ‘Sea Pond’. This largest pond of the country is known as Kamalavati Dighi or Padmavati Dighi. This Dighi situated in the middle of the village comprises an area of 65 acres of land. The length of the Dighi is 2 kilometres and its width is 1 kilometre. During the World War II, the rural poet Jashimuddin on the bank of the pond wrote his noted poem, ‘Kamala Rani’s Dighi’.  On the western bank of the Dighi lie the remains of the palace of the king Keshob Mishro who founded Baniachang kingdom. There is much hearsay on the excavation.

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