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Shankar Pasha Mosque

About 650 years’ old traditional uchail Shankar Pasha Shahi Mosque of Habiganj is a picturesque artistic relic. It was built during the rule of Sultan Alauddin Hosain Shah (1493-1519 A.D). It was erected with a veranda in the form of a prayer-hall. Each arm of the square prayer-hall is about 11 ft long, and the veranda is 5.25 ft wide. The roof of the prayer-hall is covered with a big semi round dome. Here the number of dome is three. One of the attractions of the mosque is the artistic design engraved on the wall with much ornamented brick. On its south there is a tomb on the bank of a big pond. According to popular belief, the builder of the mosque Shah Mojlis Amin is laid to rest there. He is known as a Muslim victor.

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