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House of Nawab Faizunnesa

Pachimgaon Nawab Bari was established on the bank of the streaming river Dakatia at the then Homnabad in Laksham Police Station by the pioneer of women’s liberation in the subcontinent, land owner administrator, and philanthropic Nawab Faizunnesa. This two-stored building (Bari) to a great extent is destroyed and one of the rooms of the building contains her old belongings. The sculptural art of every building is superbly beautiful and the attractive designs are produced on the walls of the main building, doors and windows. The successor of the Nawab in front of the building established Faizunnesa Memorial Library and Research Centre in 1998. The books written by Nawab  and other valuable books including Rupjalal  and a medal spangled with beautiful stars and very costly pieces of diamond  given by Maharani Victoria (queen consort) as a mark of the appellation of ‘Nawab’  in 1889  are preserved in the library. Before and behind the Bari (building) there are many ponds with paved ghats, a mosque with 18 domes and unique artistic designs, and close to the mosque lies the tomb of Nawab Faizunnesa.

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