Bharat Raja’s Deul (Monastery) – Tourism Info

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Bharat Raja’s Deul (Monastery)

The Deul is located at Bharat Bhayna village on the bank of Buri Bhadra River 19 kilometres to the south-east from Keshabpur Sadar upazila. The ruins of an 8 metre high old building are found here. This place is called Bharat Bhayna or the Deul of Bharat. It is conjectured that this temple was built in the 5th Christian era during the Period of Gupta. Archaeologists think that perhaps on the plain land it might be one of 30 Sangharams (Buddhist monasteries) that were described by Hiuen-Tsang. Archaeological Department had the monastery/ temple dug, as a result, 94 rooms were found. Around the temple there are 3 metres wide roads there. During the excavation, women-faces made of parched clay, and with dance pose of gods and goddess on the broken terracotta the largest of all terracotta so far were found. Apart from these, women statues of parched clay, phalluses of Shiva (phallic symbols of Shiva) ornamented bricks, small earthen basins and parched clay-made ornaments etc. were found.

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