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Chaugachha Kuthi Bari

Dewan (chief officer of an estate) Bisnucharan Biswas and Dewan Digambar Biswas lived in Chougachha village in Jessore. Indigo Movement (movement against the Indigo planters by the Indigo cultivators) sparked off in this Chaugachha for the first time. To overpower the rebel Indigo cultivators, the Indigo planters hired and brought groups of sticks on mercenary basis from Barisal. They attacked the rebel cultivators and caused much bloodshed. Despite the repressive measures, the villagers did not give in, though the villagers were compelled to leave the villages yet they did not cultivate indigo plants. As the time passed, the helpless cultivators became undone. These Kuthi Baris from where the Indigo Movement originated are still found in Chaugachha.

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