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Dheeraj Bhattacharya’s House

The love affairs of Dheeraj-Mathin centering on the Mathin’s well of Teknaf is an epoch-making episode. Daroga (a member of police forces with sub-inspector or assistant inspector status) Dheeraj Bhattacharya was born in 1905 at Pajia village under Keshabpur Upazila. While he was at work in Teknaf Thana, he fell in love with Mathin, and later wrote a famous novel “Jakhan Police Chhilam” (when I was a Police Officer) on his love and the experience of service in Police Department as a police officer. He resigned from the police service and entered the film world and performed in about two hundred films and some other fifty plays. ‘When I was a Hero’ is his another epoch-making novel. Dheeraj Bhattacharya, a hero of film industries and litterateur, died in 1959.

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