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Haji Mohosin Imambara

In the literal meaning ’Imambara’ means the house of the Imam (leader of the religious congregation). Actually ‘Imambara’ is a Shiah Assembly or Gathering Place where the death anniversary or Ashura of Hazrat Hosain the daughter’s son of great prophet (s) is observed. Murali Imambara or Haji Mohasin is situated at the Murali Crossing of Jessore town. This Imambara was set up by Haji Mohammad Mohsin’s step sister Munnu Jan in 1802. Every year on the 10th of Muharram Shiah communities recite from the holy Quran, tell the tragedy of Karbala, express loud lamentation patting on the chest and bring out the Tajia from the Imambara.  About 30 metres to the north of Imambara, there are two eight-roofed temples alongside.

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