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Kopotakkho (Kobadak) River

The Kopotakkho is a distributary (branch) of Bhoirab River. Once upon a time the water of this river was clear and transparent like bird’s eye and as such it is named ‘Kapotakkho (means bird’s eye)’. However, the river is originated from Mathabhanga River with a great meander. A canal was dug to run the river along a shortend course avoiding the meander and the Kobadak got disconnected from the Mathbhanga. As a result the Kobadak lost its navigability and the flow of the river became very narrow. Earlier its width was 750 metres which is now only 170 metres. The river was about to die, but the flow of the river is maintained under the Ganges-Kobadak Irrigation Project (G-K Project) by the Bangladesh Water Development Board. Under this project about one hundred and fifty thousand Hectares of agricultural lands in Kushtia, Jessore and Khulna are being irrigated through pumping the water from the Ganges canal and Kushtia canal. The total capacity of 15 pumps used for pumping is 153 cumec (cubic metre per second). Under this project the water of the Kobadak is also used for irrigation in some places of Jessore district. The Kobadak flows through Chaugachha, Jikargachha, Jibonnagar, Kotchandpur, Tala upazilas of southern districts of Bangladesh. The Kobadak is under tidal influence but not above Jikargachha. To protect it from salinity protection embankilometresent has been constructed along its bank. The birth place of Bengali epic poet Michael Madhusudan Dutt is on the bank of the Kobadak in Jessore district and he wrote his famous sonnet poem ‘Kapatakkho Nod’ in memory of this river. Tourists may like to go on boat trip in this historic river.

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