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A few hundred endangered species of langurs of Sahapara, Brahmakathi, Ramchandrapur, Baliadanga, Madhyakul area are found to live in different groups. Their faces are black; tails are one and a half times longer than their bodies. The body is covered with grey fur. These vegetarian animals pass their nights on the branches of high trees. Various fruits and roots, green leaves of Babla trees, nuts, breads, biscuits, are their palatable food. When they feel hungry they pull back the clothes of the passers-by and want food, again when the food is given they come forward and accept food with their own hands. It is seen that they share their food among themselves. They are very sensitive. If they are hurt, they protest against it, and take revenge through counter hurt. In the case of death of one of their members, others lament over the corpse. If they are sick, they go to the local hospital and receive medical treatment. It is a fact that they cannot always be found to be seen.

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