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At least 20 thousands families’ livelihood of Manirampur upazila of Jessore district depends on pottery industries. The potters reside mostly in 42 villages under 17 unions of this upazila. The residential area of the artisans is known as ‘Kumarpara’ or ‘Palpara’. Most of the potters live in the villages of Gangra, Mohadevpur, Bijoyrampur, Bharatpur, Saatgati, Khanpur, Madhupur, Durbadanga, Chinatola, Shekhpara khanpur, Konakola, Kushorikona, Duttakona, Nehalpur and Chakla. Among the items made from clay are Hari (cooking pot), Sora (lid of cooking pot), Malsa (small basin), Varh (large jar), Kola (large pitcher with short narrow neck), Shanki (plate with high rim), Khuri (Curd-pot), Dhunchi (incense burner), Pitcher, Penny bank and children toys (dolls, pots, horses etc.). These items are sold from door to door and in the local markets as well. Once upon a time this industry was charming, but the recession is currently underway. Tourist may like to visit those places and notice the making process of these erthen items.

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