Galua Paka Masjid (Brick-built Mosque) – Tourism Info

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Galua Paka Masjid (Brick-built Mosque)

This mosque is located one kilometre to the east from Galua Bazar of Rajapur upazila of Jhalakati district. It has been learnt from an abandoned stone found beside the mosque that the mosque was built by Mahmudjan Akand (Mamujan) in 1122. This mosque was left without maintenance for a long time, thereafter; the mosque was reformed on the initiative of the then local Pir (Saint) Mahtab Uddin. It is said that during the renovation of the mosque covered with dark thickets, big venomous snakes came out from it. Then Pir Saheb asked to leave open any one side of the mosque. When the snakes left, the mosque was made ready for saying prayers then after a long time in 2004, on the effort of Abdul Kuddus Khan, local elderly teacher, the necessary reform of the mosque was carried out, then on the initiatives of the Archeological Department, the mosque was given its former shape. The government has undertaken its protection in the name of Mamujan Mosque.

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