Lahaj Chan Chishti’s Mazar (Shrine) – Tourism Info

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Lahaj Chan Chishti’s Mazar (Shrine)

Religion Preacher Alhaj Md. Lahaj Chan Chisti (R) was a spiritual contemplator on the chistia system. He taught his disciples Islamic Knowledge. He has his disciples almost in all the parts of the country. He was born either in 1910 or 1911. His father’s name was Momin Uddin. As to educational carer, he received primary education from Bhautita Govt. Primary School and learnt the Quranic instruction at his home Maktab.He got spiritual knowledge from Maulana Md. Siddiqur Rahman and during his working life, he made wooden boats and ploughs and sold them and at his leisure, he travelled different places. Once upon a time, he left home for seeking communion with Allah. After some years, he returned to his own village Silarish and established a dwelling house and began preaching Islam. He died in Bangla year in 1379 (1972 AD). After his death, a shrine was built in front of his own house. There lies two graves side by side inside the mazar, one is of Lehaj Chan Chishti and another one of his brother Fayed Uddin Chan Chishti.

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