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Largest Banyan Tree in Asia

Asia’s largest banyan tree in size is located at Bethuli village in the union Maliat 10 kilometres on the east from Kaliganj town. This is known as Suitala-Mallikpur-er Bot Gachh (banyan tree). This banyan tree is huge and enormous in size, so considering the enormity of the size; people call it Bishaw Botgachh (world-banyan tree). The banyan tree is about 30 metres (98.4 feet) high and it spreads covering 11 acres of land. The tree is about 200 years old and has 1460 aerial roots. The tree with its branches and sub branches on the road is a shelter for the passers-by. From the branches of the banyan tree, innumerable stilts have grown up and the tree has assumed a big size. Considering the largeness of the banyan tree, and also taking the advantages of the tourists into consideration, a rest house was raised by public grants in 1990. The pleasing natural beauty of the banyan tree and the soothing surroundings resounded with the twittering of birds overwhelm the minds.

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