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Dhol Samudra Dighi (Pond)

This Dighi is located at Paglakanai union 5 kilometres away from Jhenaidah district sadar. This Dighi (pond) which was excavated on 52 bighas (21 acre) of land is the largest of all in Jhenaidah. Raja Mukut Roy a mighty Zamindar sometime in the past had the pond excavated for his tenants in order to ease and meet the shortage or scarcity of water. It is said that after the excavation the water flow from within the pond suddenly started coming up very forcibly or strongly. Seeing this strong flow of water, the effusive common tenants accompanied by drums and lyres became overwhelmed with joy. This is why it has been known as Dhol (drum) Samudra Dighi. Though the pond is dry at present, yet this place is very attractive for the tourists because it is surrounded with trees and plants.

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