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Gorar Mosque

Gorar Mosque or Gorai Mosque which is 2 kilometres away from Barobazar is an excellent and peerless evidence of the Islamic traditions. There stands a pond to the east of the mosque.  The existence of broken bricks and signs of planted bricks in the ground at places bear testimony that there was a metal road that led to the pond from the mosque. The three-domed mosque with its veranda is square in size and shape. A grave has been found beside the mosque. Many people think that it is the grave of a saintly person named Gorai. According to his name this mosque is called Gorar or Gorai mosque. At present regular prayers are offered in the mosque. The mosque has 1.5 metre (5 feet) wide walls. There are 3 entrances on the eastern side of the mosque. There were 2 big and 2 small in all 4 entrances in the north and south walls of the mosque. Now, these entrances are used as windows.   There are 3 Mehrab (prayer niche) in the western wall. There are 2 black pillars of stones to the west wall, and 2 black pillars of stones to the north and south walls. Designs of chains, bells, etc. decorated with leaves and flowers of baked clay are engraved on the walls of the mosques.

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