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Jor Bangla Mosque

Jor Bangla mound is situated at Belat Daulatpur village. As a result of excavation of the antique place, the ruins of the one-domed mosque of the period of Sultan was discovered. The outer measure of the square mosque is 9.44 x 9.44 metres (31 feet x 31 feet).  The width of the walls of the mosque is 1.42 metres (4.7 feet). There are four octagonal turrets in the four corners of the mosque. There are three prayer niches in the west wall. The prayer niches with multi-layered-arches are well decorated with the designs of flowers and geometry. Parallel to the riches of the west wall, there are three arched entrances in the east wall too. Instead of windows, there were evidences of big niches with each side of the wall.  A few pieces of bricks with Arabic inscription were the most important antiques that were found there. From the incomplete inscription, it is conjectured that the mosque was raised during the period (1533-1538) of Sultan Ghiyasuddin Mahmud Shah son of Sultan Alauddin Hossen Shah.

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