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Juice of Date-Palm

Juice of date-palm is the speciality of Jhenaidah district. During the winter season, there happens the spree of collecting juice of date-palm there. As soon as the Bangla month of Kartik (Mid October – mid November) sets in, the scene of peeling of the bark of date-trees is seen if one visits especially Asan Nagar, Borai, Rangiarpota of Jhenaidah district, and Moheshwarchanda, Keyabagan, Kola, and different villages of the area including Niyamathpur of Kaliganj upazila. There are about three hundred thousand of date-trees in Jhenaidah, of which more than 50 thousand date-trees are in 17 unions of sadar. Mainly molasses is made from the juice of date-plam. The farmers of the sadar unions, during winter season produce five hundred thousand kg molasses. If you visit the villages, you will notice molasses preparing process in every house. Tasty Pitha (cake- made of wheat or rice flour), Puli (one kind of sweet roll made of rice & coconut) and Payesh (made of rice & milk) are prepared from processed molasses, Patali Gur (rectangular solid tablet of molasses) and date-plam juice. So, the demand of molasses and its speciality exists throughout the country. If somebody visits this district in winter, he/she can take taste of the sweet molasses and at the same time he/she will have the opportunity to see the preparation-process of molasses.

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