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Miar Dalan or House of Selim Sawdagor

The old Zamindar House which is located on the Nabaganga River 3 kilometres away from the district sadar is known as Miar Dalan (Mia’s Building). At present the house is almost decrepit and dilapidated. According to the old traditions some messages of the time of construction are inscribed on the main gate of the building in poetic language. According to the engraved writing, Raj Chandra of Kolkata started the construction work of the building in 1229 Bangla Year (1822 AD) and finished in 1236 (1829 AD). It is known that during the partition in 1947 the house was sold to one Selim Sawdagor (Merchant). For that reason this house is also called ‘House of Selim Sawdagor’. There was a tunnel inside the house that leads to the Nabaganga River. This tunnel is still traceable. There is another reason for which the house has become famous that is there was a date palm with multiple heads in the premises of the house. No such other ancient building in the town of Jhenaidah town is seen, as it was built by the construction of embankment in the river.

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