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Mohammadabad Town

A good number mosques, Dighis (large ponds), ponds, various sizes river-ghats (landing stairs), graveyards and some mounds are scattered here and there on an extensive area adjacent to the Barobazar Rail Station of Jhenaidah district. Archaeologists think that those are the evidences of Mohammadabad town which grew in the period of the Sultan during 1500-1600 AD. Out of the mosques of this place, Pir Pukur mosque, Jor Bangla Mosque, Galakata Mosque, Nungola Mosque, Pathagar Mosque and Shukur Mallik Mosque are mention worthy. Sree Ram Raja’s Dighi lies at Badurgacha village one kilometres on the east of the centre-point of the union. The remarkable spots of  Mohammadabad Town are Pir Pukar Mosque, Jor Bangla Mosque, Galakata Mosque, Nungola Mosque, Pathagar (Library) Mosque, Shukur Mallik Mosque, Dhol Samudra Dighi (Pond), Sree Ram Raja’s Dighi (Pond), Saudagar’s Dighi (Pond), Gorar Mosque, Satgachhia Adina Mosque, Shailkupa Shahi Mosque, Monohor Mosque, Ship’s Ghat etc.

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