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Naldanga Zamindar House

The Zamindar Bari which was in the past at Naldanga 2 kilometres away from Kaliganj Upazila town has no reality or existence at the present time.  Now only one pond exists. From here, one kilometres to the west along the bank of the river or close to the bank of the river, a few dilapidated temples are found. Out of those, the Trital (three-storied) Mandir is the largest of all and is thought to be the upholder of the Nine Jewels’ style of architecture.  On different parts of the body of the Mandir, the attractive ornamental work and design of baked clay are seen. The adjoining temple is eight-handed (octagonal) and there is a short octagonal pinnacle on the top. There are two other temples with pinnacles near side by side. At the present time, all the temples are abandoned. But puja (worship) is offered still in one temple.

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