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Pir Pukar Mosque

The 15 domed mosque is situated on the left hand side of the Barobazar-Tahirpur road one kilometres on the west from Barabazar Bus Stand in Kaliganj upazila. The mosque is situated on the side of an old water body named Pir Pukur. In the east wall of the partly renovated rectangular mosque, there are five doors, and in the north-south walls there are three doors in each wall. A prayer niche with eight steps on the right adjacent to the central prayer niche is conspicuous, and the prayer niche like this is not seen in any other mosque. It is supposed that the two low-high platforms on both sides of the mid-door inside the mosque were the sitting place of the teacher who gave lessons. The mosque is made of only bricks and no stone come in view. No inscription-stone of the mosque was found. But from the architectural style, it is conjectured that the mosque was raised towards the end of the Sultan Period.

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