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Poet Golam Mostofa’s House

Golam Mosafa the famous poet of Bengali literature was born in 1897 at Monohorpur village in Shailkupa upazila of Jhenaidaha district. Golam Rabbany was his father and Bibi Sharifunnessa was his  mother. Of the published books, the book ‘Bishawa Nabi’ is his best contribution to prose literature. His poetic composition: Rakatarag (1924), Khoshroj (1929), Sahara (1936), Hasnahena (1934), Bani Adam (1958), novel: Ruper Nesha (1926), Islamic books:  Islam and Jehad (1947), Islam and Communism (2nd edition 1949), Maru Dulal, translation: Shikwa and Jawab-i-Shikwa (1960), and many other books and poems are noteworthy. The specialties of his books are simple and easy expression, and metrical beauty. His poetical works are expressive of the spirit of the Muslim nationalism. He was also composer of songs. He was awarded the titles ‘Kabya Sudhakar’ in 1952 by Jessore Sahitto Sangho and Sitara-i- Imtiaz in 1960 by the then Pakistan Government.

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