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Satgachhia Adina Mosque

The ruins of the mosque are found on the south bank of Adina Pukur (pond) in Satgachhia Mouza 5 kilometres to the north-west from the Barobazar Rail Station. From the archeological point of view, these valuable ruins were discovered only a few years ago. There had been a big and high mound for a long time there. It is assumed that the backdoor that lies on the right side of the central prayer niche of this mosque is contemporary in specialty with that of Bagerhat Mosque. It is said that Khan Jahan Ali’s first abode was at Barobazar when he came out victorious in the south region. The outer measure of the rectangular mosque is 23.10 x 17.20 metres (75.8 feet x 56.4 feet). The wall of the mosque is 1.50 (5 feet) metre wide. There are seven doors with the east wall, but though the actual number of doors with the north and south walls is five each, yet the two doors with the north walls have been transformed into windows.

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