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Shrine of Gazi-Kalu-Champabati

The shrine of Gazi, Kalu, and Champabati is located at Barobazar of Jhenaidah district.  The centrally located larger grave is of Gazi, the grave on the west side is of Kalu, and the grave on the east side is of Champabati.The graves have recently been reformed. The graves are adjacent to one another and to the west there is an old banyan tree. It is supposed that there is a well under the banyan tree. In the past this area was known as Chhapainagar and another place not far from here was known as Bairatnagar. It is said that Gazi the son of King Sekendar and the Queen Osma Bibi (according to another view Ojufa Bibi) only at the age of ten left the kingdom taking his boyhood friend Kalu with him for spiritual meditation. At one night, the fairies took away the King Motuk’s princess Champabati with her bedstead and placed her in the house of Gazi. Then both of them woke up and exchanged their rings between them. Then both of them fell asleep. Then the fairies again carried the princess back to her palace. Next day Gazi could not find her to see. He then sought her thoroughly and then after many course of events they got married.  Hearsay goes that sometime in the past the tigers which were attracted to Gazi came here every Thursday night. The devotees of Gazi, Kalu gather here every year.

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