Tomb of Mystic Poet Pagla Kanai – Tourism Info

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Tomb of Mystic Poet Pagla Kanai

The shrine of mystic poet Pagla Kanai is located within the precinct of Paurosova, 3 kilometres away from Jhenaidah District Sadar. He was born of a poor family in 1809 at Lebutala village of Jhenaidah. The mystic meditator and poem- composer Kanai’s real name is Kanai Sheikh, but he is better known as Pagla Kanai. He had no institutional education. He worked sometime in the past in the local Indigo Factory as a labourer. Though he led a married life, yet he gradually got attracted to spirituality. Kanai was a poet by nature.  He composed songs orally and he himself sang to spread and disseminate them. Kanai composed virtually mystic and devotional songs on human-form-mystery.  He also composed songs on the mystery of the prophet and hymns in adoration of Krishna. This mystic meditator died in1889.

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