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Bamboo-Cane Industries

Forty five Das families of Sanyaspara of Kola area under Kaliganj upazila, and Kotchandpur of Jhenaidah district make different household items with bamboo and cane. The male and female members of all the families’ are engaged in making Chatai (a coarse mate made of date leaves or plam-leaves or bamboo slips), Dol (a large corn-bin made of bamboo slips), Dala (a flat busket with a high rim) and Kula (winnowing fans), including buskets and various other agricultural household articles. Besides, high quality sofa is made of cane. The household articles made of bamboos and canes are given different designs and shapes with paints and then are marketed. The ancestors of these families were involved in cottage industry of bamboo and cane. Involved in this profession, they run their families and bear the educational expenses for their children. The wholesale buyers buy all these spectacular useful articles from home. But many sell the articles carrying on vans from village to village. If tourists visit these areas, they will be able to gather real experience of the making process of the bamboo and cane items.

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