Kella Shahid Mazar (Martyr’s Mausoleum) – Tourism Info

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Kella Shahid Mazar (Martyr’s Mausoleum)

The Dargah or Mazar (Mausoleum) of Hazrat Syed Ahmed (R) which is at Kharampur of Akhaura is known as Kella Shahid Dargah. There is hearsay about the Kella Shahid Dargah that fisherman Chaitanya Das and his companions went for fishing in the river Titas. While catching fish with their net, a severed human head was caught enmeshed with their net. Then the severed head asked them to read Kalema and to be converted to Islam. According to the advice, Chaitanya Das and his fishing companions became Muslim. The converted fishermen were named as Shahbola, Shahlo, Shahzada, Shahgora and Shah Rowshan. They are the original descendants of this dargah. This Dargah later on became known as Kella Shahid Mazar.

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