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Khagrachhari District

Khagrachhari District

Historical, archeological, natural, religious and cultural spots

01. Shantipur Aronya Kutir (cottage)

The Shantipur Aronya Kutir (cottage) was set up in 1999 at Shantipur in Panchhari Upazila. It is actually a Buddhist temple. Here lies the largest statue of Buddha of the country. And the height of the statue is 42 ft. and the place is open to all communities.  This place is on one hand, a place of pilgrimage, and on the other hand, it is known as a spectacular place.  There are more than 25 full-cottages and there are a good number of small cottages there. The mentionable installations in the Shantipur Aronya Kutir are the statue of Marbijoi Upagupta Mahastabir, professor’s residence, ‘Maitry Bhaban’, 150 ft. long monk room, 90 ft. long Deshnaghar, 120 ft. long dinning room, and the roof of a big statue of Buddha including 48 and a half ft. high statue of Gautama Buddha, statue and temple of Lavishrestho Sibly Mahastabir. Here, every year ‘Kathin Chibar Dan’ ceremony is held.

 02. Alu Tila Tourist Centre

Alu Tila Tourist Centre is located on the Alu Tila hill-top which is 3000 ft. high and 8 kilometers on the west side from Khagrachhari town. It is learnt from history that this hill was called Arbari Mountain before. During the World War II, famine broke out; people collected Alu as food from the hill. And since then it has been named Alu Tila. It is one of the exceptional tourist spots. On the initiative of Parbattya Chattagram   Development Board and Khagrachhari Parbattya District Parishad, observation towers, rest houses, and sheds for the tourists have been constructed.  If you stand on the summit of the hillock, you can see the small houses of the town, hills bedecked with trees, the flow of the Changi River and the open sky. Government has taken initiatives to set up Eco Park to make the place /spot more attractive. Every day hundreds of tourists come here to have a picnic or to take a walk or to have a visit at leisure. For the security of the tourists, a temporary Police Camp has been set up there. Recently more attractive natural fountains have been discovered at Alu Tila. These fountains are the main sources of water for the local people to use and drink it.

03. Natural Tunnel of Alu Tila Hill

Natural Tunnel of Alu Tila Hill is located 8 kilometers on the west from Khagrachhari at Matiranga which is situated almost in the middle of the Khagrachhari District. The main attraction for Alu Tila Hill, the pleasure ground of beauty, is the only natural mysterious tunnel of the subcontinent. This long tunnel which is located at the foot of the high hill is somewhat fearful and thrilling. You can enter the tunnel through one end and can exit through the other end. This naturally created mysterious tunnel of thousand years attracts the daring/ adventurous travelers. The tunnel is 3 ft. wide and 6 ft. high.  It is deep dark inside the tunnel, and water always oozes there. The either side of the tunnel is as hard as stone and the lower part is somewhat muddy/ miry. As this 100 meter long tunnel is always dark, so you have to carry a burning torch in hand to cross it. There is hardly any precedent of such a natural tunnel in any other part of the world.

           04. Debotar Pukar (pond of god)

Debotar Pukar (pond of god) is located at the Noonchhari Mouza of Sadar Upazila 4 kilometers on the west from the main road which is 11 kilometers on the south from the Khagrachhari-Mahalchhari-Rangamati Road of the Zila Sadar. The pond is about 1500 ft. long and 600 ft. wide. According to mythology, water god excavated the pond to slake the thirst of water of the local people. It is said that at one night of the new moon a large pond at that place was created due to a devastating earthquake. There are big pieces of stones in the stream of Noonchhari Chhara originated from Alu Tila ranges of hills of Noonchhari Mouza in Sadar Upazila. The transparent masses of water and still /stationary stones in the Debotar Pukar (pond of god) located on hill-top about 1000 ft. high from the ground attract the tourists. Every year on the last day of the month of Chaitra holy fairs take place around the banks of the pond full of various mysteries. In the rainy season the pond is filled to the brim and it never dries up.

05. Richhang Jharna (fountain)

When you cross Alu Tila from Zila Sadar and proceed a little on the west, you will find a road and on the north of the road is located the Richhang Jharna about 11 kilometers away from the Zila Sadar. In Marma language, ‘Ri” means water and ‘Chhang’ means to roll down. The rolling water of Richhang Jharna, 35-45 ft. high and low hillocks on the way, and the eye-pleasant views around attract the tourists.

06. Rajbari of Manikchhari

After crossing Ramgar, one finds Manikchhari wherein is the location of Mong Rajbari which is full of associations of a few hundred years.

07. Dharmapur Arjya Banobihar

This Buddha Temple is located at a distance of 3 kilometers away from the Khagrachhari Bus-Stand.

08. Ramgar

Ramgar is located on the way from Dhaka to Khagrachhari by road. One can find here big and small hills, hillocks, rivers and rubber plantations.

09. Garom Pahar

This Pahar (hill) is located in Naikhongchhari an inaccessible area of Rahi khali Union. The local people respect it from religious point of view.

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