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Alu Tila Tourist Centre

Alu Tila Tourist Centre is located on the Alu Tila hill-top which is 3000 ft. high and 8 kms on the west side from Khagrachhari town. It is learnt from history that this hill was called Arbari Mountain before. During the World War II, famine broke out; people collected Alu as food from the hill. And since then it has been named Alu Tila. It is one of the exceptional tourist spots. On the initiative of Chattagong Hill Tracts Development Board and Khagrachhari Hill Tracts District Parishad, observation towers, rest houses, and sheds for the tourists have been constructed.  If you stand on the summit of the hillock, you can see the small houses of the town, hills bedecked with trees, the flow of the Changi River and the open sky. Government has taken initiatives to set up Eco Park to make the spot more attractive. Every day hundreds of tourists come here to have a picnic or to take a walk or to have a visit at leisure. For the security of the tourists, a temporary Police Camp has been set up there. Recently more attractive natural fountains have been discovered at Alu Tila. These fountains are the main sources of water for the local people to use and drink it.

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