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Natural Tunnel of Alu Tila Hill

Natural Tunnel of Alu Tila Hill is located 8 kms on the west from Khagrachhari at Matiranga which is situated almost in the middle of the Khagrachhari District. The main attraction for Alu Tila Hill, the pleasure ground of beauty, is the only natural mysterious tunnel of the subcontinent. This long tunnel which is located at the foot of the high hill is somewhat fearful and thrilling. You can enter the tunnel through one end and can exit through the other end. This naturally created mysterious tunnel of thousand years attracts the adventurous travelers. The tunnel is 3 ft. wide and 6 ft. high.  It is deep dark inside the tunnel, and water always oozes there. The either side of the tunnel is as hard as stone and the lower part is somewhat muddy. As this 100 metre long tunnel is always dark, so you have to carry a burning torch in hand to cross it. There is hardly any precedent of such a natural tunnel in any other part of the world.

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