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Pond of god

Debotar Pukur (pond of god) is located at the Noonchhari Mouza of Sadar upazila 4 kms on the west from the main road which is 11 kms on the south from the Khagrachhari-Mahalchhari-Rangamati Road of the Zila Sadar. The pond is about 1500 ft. long and 600 ft. wide. According to mythology, water god excavated the pond to slake the thirst of water of the local people. It is said that at one night of the new moon a large pond at that place was created due to a devastating earthquake. There are big pieces of stones in the stream of Noonchhari Chhara originated from Alu Tila ranges of hills of Noonchhari Mouza in Sadar upazila. The transparent masses of water and stationary stones in the Debotar Pukur (Pond of god) located on hill-top about 1000 ft. high from the ground attract the tourists. Every year on the last day of the Bangla month of Chaitra holy fairs take place around the banks of the pond full of various mysteries. In the rainy season the pond is filled to the brim and it never dries up.

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