Shantipur Aranya Kutir (Jungle cottage) – Tourism Info

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Shantipur Aranya Kutir (Jungle cottage)

The Shantipur Aranya Kutir (Jungle cottage) was set up in 1999 at Shantipur in Panchhari upazila. It is actually a Buddhist temple. Here the statue of Buddha is placed at the highest platform among the Buddha statues placed in different spots of the country. The height of the pulpit is 42 ft. and the place is open to all communities. This place is on one hand, a place of pilgrimage for the Buddhist, and on the other hand, it is known as a spectacular place. There are more than 25 full-cottages and small cottages here. Apart from the statue of Gautama Buddha, the mentionable installations in the Shantipur Aranya Kutir are the statue and temple of Lavishrestho Sibly Mahasthabir Marbijoyee and the statue of Upagupta Mahasthabir, Principal’s residence- ‘Maitry Bhaban’, 150 ft. long monk room, 90 ft. long Deshnaghar, 120 ft. long dinning room, and the roof of the big Buddha statue. Here, every year ‘Kathin Chibar Dan (difficult cloth donation)’ ceremony is held.

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