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Brajalal College

Brajalal Public College in shortened form is called B.L College which is situated at Daulatpur, a business center on the bank of the Bhairab River five miles on the north of Khulna town. Sree Brajalal Chatterjee, a patron of education, established in July, 1902 on 2 acres of land an educational institute named as a Hindu Academy replicating the Hindu College that was established in Kolkata. Subsequently, munificent Hazi Mohammad Mohsin Trust donated 40 acres of land from its Saidpur Estate to the institution and sanctioned a sum of Tk.50 as a monthly grant. The classes of the institution started on and from 27 July, 1902. And after Brajalal Chatterjee had died on 8th October, 1944, the college was renamed as Brajalal Hindu Academy, and later on it was again named as B.L College. In 1973, it was nationalized. It offers Honours and Masters Courses in different subjects. It has its reputation as an apex college. And it is the largest college of the south-west region of the country.

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