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House of Kabi Krishna Chandra

Poet Krishnachandra’s house stands on the bank of the Bhairab River. Poet Krishnachandra Majumdar was born at Senhati village in 1834 and he died in 1907. He has been immortal in Bengali poetry/ poetical work because of two lines that he composed in his poem, ‘Je jon dibose moner horoshe jalay momer bati’ (A person who burns candles in delight by day) and “Chiro sukhi jon bhrome ki kokhon, byathito bedon bujhite ki pare” (an ever happy person even by mistake cannot feel the sufferings (grief) of others.)” He worked as an editor of a good number of newspapers including weekly magazine “Dhaka Prokash” (Dhaka Expression). The calm and quiet environment of this house, along with chirping of birds will delight the visitors.

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