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Folk Culture

Various constituent parts of professional folk culture are found here and there in a scattered way in Khulna district. Out of the constituent parts, the notable ones are palanquin songs, exorcists’ songs, songs of wood or honey extractors, coachman songs, songs of cutting trees, songs of fishermen, songs of Ayurvedic physicians, songs of making whey, songs of making lime, songs of potters, songs of harvest etc. The source of folk culture is personal experience which spreads from mouth to mouth of people and which is retained in people’s memory. The songs that are sung by the snake charmers of Khulna district at the time of snake-charming are called Vasan songs (a kind of folk song celebrating the activities of some deities). Once upon a time, a large number of snake charmers lived in Khulna district. At times, contest for snake charming between two snake charmers took place. Still today snake charmers are found at some places in Khulna district. At present, many of these professional songs have been extinct.

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