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Rupsa River & Khan Jahan Ali Bridge

The Rupsa River which flows along the south direction of Khulna district assumes the name Pasur near Mongla port and falls into the Bay of Bengal. The river is deep and remains navigable throughout the year, as a result, marine ships can ply. The water level of the branches and sub-branches of the Rupsa-Pasur Rivers rise and fall with the high and low tides. Mongla sea port is located on the bank of the Pasur River. Enchanted and captivated by the beauty of the Rupsa River, poet Jibananada Das wrote ‘Rupsa’r ghola jole hayto kishor ek sada chhera pale dinga bay (perhaps a young man in the turbid water of the Rupsa plies a boat with a torn white sail.)’  The Khan Jahan Ali Bridge built over the river opened in 2005. The bridge is 1.6 kilometres in length and 16.50 metres wide. A good number of tourists visit every day to enjoy the beauty of the Rupsa River. Khulna town stands on the bank of the river. Visitors may have pleasure trip in a boat to enjoy the beautiful and charming scenery on boh the sides.

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