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Kotila Mura

This Buddhist monastery was built in about seventh century at the foot of the low hills 5 kms away from Shalban Vihara. Here three stupas (Buddhist monument, tope or dome-shaped building) have been discovered, which were built in the traditional way. Perhaps the stupas (Buddhist monument) are the ‘Precious Triad’, the images of Buddha (knowledge), Dharma (morality) and Sangha (discipline). The foundation and the assemblage of the three adjacent stupas (Buddhist monument) together at one place are rare in the subcontinent of Pakistan and India. The platforms of these Buddhist monuments are of four corners. Circular dram was fixed on the foundation of the platform, and on the dram remains semi-circular dome and upon which stand the hamika and mina rate. There is a small round-shaped cell around which there are circular walls made of brick. There are 8 small cells all around outside the walls. It is thought that the influence of the Chandra dynasty was potential till thirteenth century.

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