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Historic Mohini Mill of Kushtia

Mohini Mohan Chakrabarty, a prominent cotton dealer on the occasion of his business he used to  visit frequently to Khustia and set up in 1908 a cotton mill of the name of Mohini Mill on 33 acres (100 bighas) of land in Mill Para area. At that time about 200 brass-made looms were imported and were set in the mill. There were 300 workers engaged there. The cottons that were produced by the mill were exported to Burma, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka besides all the provinces of India. Later on it became a textile mill. There was demand for the dhotis produced in the mill throughout the country. Towards the end of 1965, Mohini Mohan, the owner of the mill left the country with the members of his family. After the independence of the country, the mill was nationalised in 1972 and was laid down to the management of Textile Industry Corporation. This mill ran for sometime then closed down in 1982. Later this mill ran for some time in the name of Shah Mokhdum Textile Mill and again closed down. Thereafter, several initiatives were taken to run the mill but at present it is shut down. The main factory is built on 9 acres (28 bighas) of land out of its 33 acres of land. On the remaining land, BMRI Unit, 4 mosques, 4 temples, one school, one college, playgrounds, and one charitable hospital are situated.

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