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Jhaudia Shahi Mosque

Jhaudia Mosque which is an achievement of the Mughol Period is located a few kilometres to the west of the metalled roads, and about 20 kilometres to the south-west from Khustia town. This mosque is similar to the Ghoraghat Fort Mosque (1740-1741) of Dinajpur in respect land planning  and other specialties such as open metalled  courtyard in front of the  prayer hall, domed shape hollow turrets on the south-east and north-east corners and geometric and flowery designs on the plaster.  It is presumed from the style of construction work that the Jhaudia Mosque was built sometime in the middle of the 18th century. This mosque has recently been renovated. As a result, the mosque has lost its original shape to some extent. This is one of the attractive tourist spots like other spots in Kushtia.

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