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Justice Radha Binod Pal’s Homestead

Radhabinod Pal was born in 1886 at Salimpur village of Kushtia district. He was a justice of Kolkata High Court (1941-1943), Vice-Chancellor of Kolkata University (1944-1946), besides these, he was a Judge of Internal Martial Law Tribunal (1946-1948) relating to the affairs of Far East, Judge of International Court(1957), and Chairman of International Law Commission (1958-1962). After the end of the World War II, and with the surrender of Japan, the allied forces constituted an 11-member Tribunal (1946-1948) including the Indian Justice Radhabinod to try the Japanese accused leaders and the generals who were involved in the Pacific war. In the trial, the court sentenced eight top Japanese leaders to death and 17 others to imprisonment. Justice Radhabinod differed with most of the tribunal judgments and he wrote a judgment of 400 pages, though ultimately the judgments of the majority were executed. His main points for determinations were whether the allied forces that led war against Japan can constitute the Tribunal after their choice, and whether as per their conditions they have the moral and legal rights to try the fallen foes. At this point, one judge of the Netherlands and one judge of Philippines provided him with moral support. Though the judgment of Radhabinod was not to the allied forces’ liking, yet this role had brought him wide popularity in Asia continent. Later, Justice Radhabinod visited Japan several times. At that time Nihon University of Japan gave him the LLD title and the Emperor of Japan conferred on him the title “First Order of the Secret Treasure”. Justice Radhabinod died in 1967 at his own house in Kolkata. At present, besides a big pond, the homestead lies as a fallow land.

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