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Kangal Harinath’s House

The public leader Kangal Harinath’s House stands at Kundapara of the union of Jagannathpur in the Kumarkhali upazila. He was born in 1833 AD. His real name is Harinath Majumdar. But he is better known as Kangal Fikir Chand or Fikir Chad Baul. Harinath was simultaneously a teacher, journalist, writer, song composer and contemplator of Baulism. Harinath throughout his life launched movement for the prosperity of and against the exploitation and oppression of the rural common people. He was an organiser of anti-British Movement. Harinath was the disciple of fakir Lalon Shah. His contribution to Baul songs is especially memorable. One of his notable songs being, ‘Hori din ta gelo sandha holo par koro amare’ (The whole day has passed and it has become evening, now ferry me to the other bank). He published a monthly magazine titled ‘Grambarta Prokashika’ in 1863, and to facilitate the publication of the magazine, he set up a printing press in 1873. The total number of the published books of Harinath is 18. He died in 1896.

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