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Tagore’s Kuthibari (House)

This Kuthibari is located at Shelaidaha village in Kumarkhali Upazila. Virtually it was here as a Nilkuthi (indigo factory) in the 18th century. Later on the members of the family of Rabindranath bought the Kuthi. When the Kuthi was about to collapse, because of the severe erosion of the Padma River, then the members of the Tagore familiy rebuilt the Kuthi. This Kuthibari is on 11 acres of land with grooves of mango-trees, jack-fruit-trees, flower gardens, including two ponds. This Kuthirbari has been built in the shape of Kadir Hamdani Wooden Mosque of Kashmir. There are in total 15 rooms of different sizes in the first and the second floors including the central hall-rooms. Bakultalar Mancho (the platform under the Mimusops elengi, a large ever green flower tree) which was his personal liking, and some large trees of one hundred years old, and altogether the building was a magnificent one. Many articles that were used by the poet have been preserved here. The poet started translating the Gitanjali into English in this house in 1912 and the poet composed many remarkable poems in the place. Every year a three-day long fair is held on the occasion of the birth anniversary of the poet.

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