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Lakshmipur District

Lakshmipur District


Historical, archeological, natural, religious and cultural spots

         01. Dalal Bazar Zamindar Bari

Dalal Bazar Zamindar Bari is located on the south adjacent to the Lakshmipur district town. The Rajgate, palace, inner apartment, Anandapukur of Zamindar Bari comprising five acres of lad, will captivate a tourist. Lakshmi Narayan Baishnab came to Dalal Bazar about four hundred years ago to trade in clothes. His descendants first obtained trade agency then became Zamindars. As they became the agents of the company, the local people called then ‘Dalal.’  In the communal riot of 1946, the Zamindars left the place, but their abandoned house remains here. In front of the Zamindar Bari, there lie the Rajgate, the palace, the Zamindar palace, the inner-apartment palace; walls of the house, the paved ghat, the Nut Mondir, the pavilion for puja, the iron chest of a big size, iron beams weighing a few tons etc. are mention worthy.


02. Kamankhala Zamindar Bari 

Kamankhola Zamindar Bari is close to Dalal Bazar. Khetranath  Das son of Zamindar Rajendranath, and Jadhunath Das the grandson of Zamindar Rajendra Nath and Harendra Narayn  Das the adopted son of Jdhunath Choudhury ruled as Zamindars successively. Actually their Zamindary was at Roypur. As they had good relationship with the Zamindars of Dalal Bazar, so they bought landed property at Kamankhala near Zamindar’s house and founded abodes of Zamindars. At the main gate of the house, there lie the Jaltangi (a house built on a raised platform in the middle of a water pool) on the bank of the canal, the abode of skilled fighters with sticks, group of protection forces, and a two storied high large pavilion for puja. After the well protected entrance, there lie the picturesque Rajprasad. Inside the house, there are underground rooms for dance and arbitration.

           03. Jiner Masjid

About 200 years ago the historical Jin-er Masjid was built in the shape of the Jami Masjid (mosque) of Delhi. It is a mosque of especial design and was built within a very short time. This is why it is called the Jin-er Masjid. The reason of calling it Jin-er Masjid because it was next to impossible/ beyond human ability to dig more than one dighis, and making bricks within that short period of time. To reserve water throughout the year, a big dark tank was constructed on the south side of the three-doomed high walled mosque.

04. Khoa Sagar Dighi

This Dighi covers 25 acres of land adjacent to Dalal Bazar. ‘Fog’ in local language is called ‘Khoa.’ The area of the Dighi is so vast in length and width that if you stand on one bank of the Dighi and look at the other bank you will find the other bank of the Dighi foggy. Abut 1755 AD Zamindar Braja Ballav Roy had the Dighi excavated to solve/ address the crisis of drinking water of people.

05. Tita Kha Jami Masjid (mosque)

Tita Kha Jami Masjid (mosque) was built in Lakshmipur town three hundred years ago. It is famous for its artistic design and beauty.

06. Jaki Uddin Al Hossaini (R)-er Daira Sharif

This was founded in 1212 in Bengali calendar year at Shyampur under upazila Ramganj. Here Oros and Mahfil are held for six day every year.

07. Baouer Char (Char Darbesh)

Baouer Char is located at ward no 6 of 9 Chargaji Union under Ramgati Upazila. It is noted for the natural beauty.

08. Ghasiar Char

It is a picnic spot.

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