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Local Tradition, Festivals and Entertainment in Chandpur

Various fairs are held in different places of Chandpur throughout the year. Every year in July on the occasion of Rath Yatra (the Hindu festival of Jagannath going in a chariot for a sea bath) of the Hindu community fair takes place on the historical temple yard of Meheron Radha Krisna at Matlab. Besides, fair is held on the yard of the shrine of Lengta Baba (Soleman Shah) at Matlab North upazila during 18-20 Bangla Bhadra, and 15-22 Bangla Chaitra months. In the month of Poush Meher Kali Bari Mela (Fair) is held in Shahrasti Sadar upazila. On 2 Baishakh, the traditional fair is held in the Aastar Bazar adjacent to Aastar Mahamaya premises and temple. In the fairs, indigenous fruits, sweets, earthen dolls, utensils, handiwork etc. are sold.

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