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Lohagarh’s Monastery (Moth)

This monastery in the village Lohagarh one and a half kms away from Chandra Bazar of Faridganj upazila still survives as a legendary witness. This village was named Lohagar after the names of two brothers ‘Loha’ and ‘Gahar’ of a powerful Zamaindar family. They built this high monastery to identify the location of their house on the bank of the river Dakatia.  As a mark of their financial ability, they set up a gold-pole on the top of the monastery. It is said that the pole of gold weighed about two and a half maunds. The remains of the Zamindar houses of these two brothers still exist. Here the underground hallow is still existing and the monastery remains erect. Three more monasteries after the name of the son of Gonesh Babu lie by the side of this monastery.

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