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‘Bhatbhita’ (Rice ground) is known as a popular holy place located at Tila village to the north of Fotki River 12 kilometres to the south from Magura district Sadar. According to a legend, while traveling along this way at night, a certain Dervish (Mohammedan saint) with miraculous power started building the mosque, and when the cooking rice for the craftsmen engaged for construction of the mosque is finished, the construction work of the mosque was yet to be finished. So, in the early hours of dawn, he left the place leaving the construction work unfinished. At dawn, people found the mosque with incomplete work and the gruel of the cooked rice rolling down creating something like a pond. Since then the high hillock has been named as Bhaterbhita or Bhatbhita. When it was dug in the period 2003-2004, some rooms were discovered.

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