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Borolia Horse Race

Every year from 27-29 Poush (10-12 January) horse-race competition is organised at Borolia village of Mohammadpur upazila. Even the competitors from the neighboring districts participate in the competion. It is presumed that this competition has been organised since 1910. On the occasion of this competition, a fair is organised, which lasts for three days. One of the chief attractions of the fair is fish purchasing competition.  Buyers purchase on competitive price the big fishes that arrive in the fair. The buyer who buys fishes at the highest price earns special reputation. Various cultural programs including Jarigan (a kind of folk-song composed in memory of the tragedy of martyrs of Karbala and sung usually in Bangladesh, on the occasion of Muharram), Sarigan (a kind of folk-song in Bangladesh sung especially by boatmen) are organised.

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