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Mainamati Museum

Mainamati Museum is located near Shalban Vihara. This museum was established in 1955. Innumerable antiquarian and archeological artifacts collected from different places of Mainamati-Lalmai hilly area are conserved here. Some of the archeological finds are royal inscription on copper plates, gold and silver coins, ornaments, bronze-made image of  Buddha, incarnation of Gautama, and statues of other gods and goddesses, innumerable paintings of baked clay plates, ornamented bricks, stone sculptures, copper vessels, innumerable small sized Buddhist monuments (stupas) and other various ancient useable things used in daily life. Out of all these archeological finds, especial mention can be made about the Statue in Bajrasatto meditation, and a big bell made of bronze. While excavating the mound of the house of Voj Raja, this bronze statue was found. This seated meditative Bajrasatto statue measures 4 ft. wide and 4 ft. 7 inches high. While preparing the playground of the cantonment, a big bronze bell weighing about 10 maunds was found in 1978. The diameter of the bell is 2 ft. 9 inches, and its height is 2 ft. 5 inches. The lower part of this bell is slightly bent and round-shaped.

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