Amjhupi Nilkuthi (Indigo Factory) – Tourism Info

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Amjhupi Nilkuthi (Indigo Factory)

In a rare natural surrounding, this Nilkuthi is situated at Amjhupi village close to the shore of the Kazla River 6 kilometres to the east from Meherpur district town. One can go there direct by vehicle or van along the road that leads to Chuadanga.  In the initial stage, this Kuthi was on 31.28 Hectares of land. But at present it has been limited to 14.97 Hectares of land. Right in the middle of 56 litchi-trees, 468 mango trees, 18 rain trees and a grove of 14 coconut trees, there stands a house of bungalow type with two indigo plants. The Nilkuthi is made of asbestos. Inside the Nilkuthi, there are 15 rooms of which there are dinning room, four dressing rooms, one ball room, three bed rooms, and one servant room. One bed room is still found in well decorated condition. Besides these, there remain valuable and attractive furniture there. Many form the idea that historically defamed Mirzafar and Ghosheti Begum prepared the first blueprint of intrigue in this room with the British East India Company against Nawab Sirajuddaula.

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